Barbara Lenz

Music for conditioning ballet exercises

Music for conditioning ballet exercises

Music for conditioning
ballet exercises

Strengthening supplementary instruction is starting to play a key role in the daily routine of the ballet schools. Specially developed ballet programs such as Progressive Ballet Technique and Dancepilates support this movement in a professional and proficient manner. The pieces composed by Barbara Lenz were written exclusively with the aim to musically accompany these particular strengthening exercises.

Music for conditioning
ballet exercises

  1. Spring – Warm up
  2. Next steps – Exercise for turnout
  3. Swing – Rolls
  4. Flowering meadow – Exercise for lower abdominals
  5. Early morning – Exercise for attitude
  6. Choices – Pelvis lift
  7. OʼCarolanʼs Cup* – Arabesque
  8. Moments decision – Exercise for abdominals
  9. Magic in the hat – Fondus
  10. Wishes – Développés
  11. Magnolia – Exercise for abdominals
  12. Fiesta – Grand battements
  13. Slow Progress – Strenghtening exercise for lower body
  14. Witch Hazel – Exercise for jumps
  15. Sun glasses – Battus short version
  16. A Little Difference – Battus long version
  17. OʼCarolanʼs Air* – Stretching for cambrè en avant
  18. Gray heron – Stretching
  19. Journey – Cool down

* Violin: Günter A. Buchwald



Barbara Lenz

Barbara Lenz is a classically trained pianist, she studied with Prof. James Avery at the Staatl. Hochschule für Musik, Freiburg (Germany).

Barbara has worked as a ballet accompanist with Amanda Miller (Theater Freiburg), Amanda Bennett (Ballet School Theater Basel, Switzerland) and Armin Krain, Freiburg. Since 2015 she has accompanied training sessions at the Ballet School Next Step in Freiburg (

Currently Barbara is working as a ballet accompanist, a piano teacher, a pianist for silent movies in Germany, Switzerland and the U. K. Furthermore she conducts the Student Silent Filmorchestra Musikamo.

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